Nowadays the quantity of traditional energy carriers (electricity, gas) is decreasing constantly while their consumer price is getting higher and higher. PV solar technology makes it possible to use an eco-friendly renewable energy source, solar energy.

Solar energy is used by PV solar panels to produce electricity without creating any by-products. There are two possibilities to use the power produced by the PV panels: To feed it into the existing grid, to reduce the cost of eletricity consumtion. To establish a Stand-alone PV system (independent from public utility service providers) and use the generated energy according to individual needs. The integrated application of Teletronik Solar System technology opens a new innovate option for the cost-effective and eco-friendly deployment and usage of renewable energies.

  • Solar panels 30-345 Wp
  • Installation structure for ground and roof mounted solar systems
  • Inverters
  • Electrical devices, cables, instruments, tools for solar systems